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Infra-red thermometer for generators, motors & transformers

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When Thermik GmbH sought the optimum 'hook-up' wiring solution for its thermal protection devices, it found that Raychem 44 wire provided significant advantages over alternative offerings. UL and CSA approved and with excellent voltage ratings at 600V, this PVDF crosslinked thinwall wire also delivers valuable space and weight savings. Thermik is a leading international manufacturer of thermal protection devices designed to prevent the overheating of motors and transformers in domestic appliances and commerical equipment. For a good current load for bimetal switches and to carry signals from its sensors to electronic switches, the company demanded a high performance wire. It had to be cost competitive, demonstrate good shop-handling characteristics and be resistant to the commercial oils and winding varnishes found in aggressive industrial environments.

Raychem 44 wire met all these requirements and provided the added benefit of thinwall technology, which creates an opportunity for space savings, through increased wire packing density. Having approvals to both UL and CSA in a single wire product also offers the advantage of a recuded stock holding requirement.
The wide range of colours available over all sizes has enabled Thermik to adopt a colour coding system for switching temperature assignment, which is increasingly sought by customers, to minimise failures within production procedures. This simplifies identification and minimises the risk of failures during installation.


New PhotoTemp™ MX6 simultaneously takes non-contact temperature measurements and documents them with digital photography for complete reporting.
The first portable inspection tool of its kind, the new PhotoTemp™ MX6 combines a precision non-contact infra-red thermometer (Range: -32°C to 900°C) and a digital camera in one lightweight unit for a price far less than a thermal imaging camera. PhotoTemp accurately marks the measurement area with its unique circular laser sighting and records it in a photograph superimposed with temperature, location, and date/time data. A focus setting and built-in flash ensure image quality, even in low light.

Up to 100 temperature measurements and images can be stored in the unit and later downloaded to a PC for trend analysis or incorporation into emails and reports. An optional Low-Temperature model measures temperature from -50°C to 500°C and an optional Close-Focus model measures targets as small as 6 mm from optimal distances.

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