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Thermik – Customised PTC thermistors

Temperature monitoring with PTC thermistors

Thermik provides powerful solutions to protect electrical equipment from overheating. In addition to numerous temperature limiters, the range also includes PTC thermistors. Thermistors (also commonly referred to as motor protection sensors, PTC thermistors, PTC sensors, PTCs and temperature sensors) are optimally designed for direct installation in windings of electric motors and transformers to ensure temperature monitoring. In addition, thermal thermistors in appropriate housings are suitable for overheating protection of devices (electronic assemblies, heat sinks, etc.). It is particularly significant that the company is one of only a few suppliers with its own experience in the production of PTC ceramics. Thermistors from Thermik distinguish themselves qualitatively from conventional products, since the basic technology is of essential importance during manufacturing.

The PTC thermistor range

Thermal thermistors are characterised by a high temperature sensitivity. In the range of the nominal switching temperature, the resistance rises sharply. This effect can be used to switch off the load circuit via a tripping device. Electronic evaluations are also possible in a wide variety of applications.

To minimise the mechanical stress on the PTC thermistors during winding, the PTCs should be inserted in parallel to the winding if possible. Here the Mylar®-Nomex® shrink cap is very well suited due to its mechanical stability. In combination with the miniature pill (Ø 1.5 mm), response times of five to a maximum of ten seconds are achieved, depending on the version. Sustainable functionality and performance are of great importance in all Thermik products.

General areas of application

PTC thermistors are heat-sensitive sensors whose resistance increases with temperature, and can be used in almost all areas where a digital temperature measurement is required, for example in motor protection. In addition to the automotive industry, thermistors are also used in many other areas:

  • Fire detectors
  • Ovens
  • Refrigerators
  • Food industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Industrial and medical device electronics

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