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Thermik – Headquarter in Sondershausen

Courage is needed for success

Thermik was founded by Peter Hofsaess in Pforzheim in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, in 1968. Peter Hofsaess was the first person to successfully solve the problem of current self-heating in bimetal switches. He subsequently had the vision of developing the world’s best and most reliable thermal protectors and introducing them to the market. Three billion units of these high-quality products are currently in use across the world.

Marcel P. Hofsaess became the successor to the founder and fostered the innovative spirit of Thermik even further. The company developed and implemented innovative strategies under his leadership, establishing itself as the world’s most technically and financially successful supplier of thermal protectors and thermistors. Thermik is currently one of the most successful SMEs in Europe and a leading innovator by a large margin. The management of the Group, now under second-generation leadership, also plays a decisive role in continuing the spirit of innovation that defines Thermik.

Ever since we moved into the new headquarters in 2011, we have registered three times as many German and international patents compared to the previous 10 years!

Marcel P. Hofsaess,
Managing Director at Thermik

Thermik – Company with lots of international patents

Thermik holds almost 1,000 German and international patents (source: DPMA analysis, as of 2016), which is more than the property rights owned by all other competitors combined. Meanwhile, the founder’s successor has been equally prolific in developing innovative solutions. Marcel P. Hofsaess has invented a greater number of new thermal protectors than anyone else in the world – by a large margin. He alone is cited in as many property rights as all other inventors in the sector who come between second and seventh place.

The fact that the company founder Peter Hofsaess is also on the list of the most prolific inventors shows the extraordinary continuity that runs through the company history. The number of patented inventions attributed to Marcel P. Hofsaess is in fact the fifth largest among all living inventors in Germany when all sectors are taken into account. This says a great deal about the company’s philosophy and the innovative spirit that inspires Thermik to create new inventions time and again.

The widest range of products on the market

The company has the largest and most modern portfolio on the market, including a wide range of thermal protectors, PTC motor protection sensors (resistors) and PTC heating elements. The company is also constantly developing customised solutions. Thermik develops customised applications for many renowned market leaders, allowing them to maintain a competitive edge. The company is constantly adding innovative touches to the sector with its numerous inventions, which are regularly recognised by Germany’s largest and most highly regarded auditor. According to this auditor, Thermik Gerätebau GmbH is one of the 75 most efficient and 100 most innovative SMEs in Germany.

Thermik thermal protectors – product range
Thermik – market leader in innovation and quality for thermal protectors

Leading manufacturer of innovative, high-quality thermal protectors

The corporate headquarters was moved from Baden-Württemberg to Sondershausen in the municipality of Kyffhäuserland in the state of Thuringia in 2011 in order to prepare the company for the challenges of the future. Thermik develops new products each year. As a result, the company owns more patents and property rights for thermal protectors than all other competitors combined. This means Thermik Gerätebau GmbH is the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative, high-quality thermal protectors.

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