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Expansion by innovation


Thermik was founded in 1968 in Pforzheim, Germany and has established itself as one oft he leading manufacturers worldwide.

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Customer orientated products based on the highest technical Know-How as well as continuous development have made Thermik the innovative market leader in the world.

We produce and sell only self-developed and patented products, which are according to the highest technical level.

Thermik's head quarter is situated in Pforzheim. We are producing in an equivalent way in our subsidiaries in:
- Thermik Keramische Bauelemente GmbH / Hermsdorf, Germany
- Thermik Thüringen / Großfurra, Germany
- Malthermik / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
- Thermik New Bern / NC, USA

Our efforts are guided by your needs and demands. Thermik means quality and reliability.

More than 3.000 customers on 5 continents rely on us!


The most sophisticated production equipment- for small as well as for large quantities- enables us to deliver on time. Reliability which stands alone.


Each Thermik product will be tested 70 times from production start until shipment. The fully automized quality control with self-constructed machinery guarantees optimum quality.


More than 25 years of experience in our own special tooling department contributes to secure the most complex production steps and to manufacture with most efficiency.

Apart from Temperature Limiting Switches we offer:
- PTC - thermistors and cutouts
- PTC - heating ceramics
- PTC - overload resistors
- PTC - sensors
- ZnO - Varistors
Specific product information is available. Please do not hesitate to ask.

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