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February 2001

Domotechnica M-Series

The M-series – Thermiks range of temperature limiting switches based on modular construction – was first presented at the Domotechnica 1999. The new, patented concept for fully automated series production was well received on the market.

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"Weiße Ware", German for "white wares", were again one of the many focal points at Cologne's DOMOTECHNICA (March 7 -10, 2001). An everyday idiom used to describe household appliances, "white wares" is a descriptive holdover from the days when household appliances were once made only in basic white. While today's toasters, coffee machines, electric fans and electric iron now come in almost every color of the rainbow, they still have at least one similarity on the inside. That similarity, a temperature limiting switch designed to guard against overheating, almost always bears the logo of Germany's Thermik Geratebau GmbH.

THERMIK M-Series in Spotlight at DOMOTECHNICA 2001

The M-series - Thermik's range of temperature limiting switches based on modular construction - was first presented at the DOMOTECHNICA '99. The new, patented concept for fully automated series production was well received on the market. This demonstrates once again that innovation is a useful instrument in protecting in-house technology and strengthening one's competitive advantage. The demand and the quest to accommodate customer needs are the bases of Thermik's philosophy.
The original concept for the M-series - M stands for module - was to develop and patent a modular system with a high level of flexibility to meet the wide variety of applications on the market.

With the development and expansion of the M-series, Thermik succeeded in the systematization of customized solutions. Competitive advantages are increasingly achieved through the costand production-effective application of system-specific components. Thermik was the first company to address the challenge, and has become the main source for special solutions and new designs of temperature limiting switches.

Over time, as the technical competence of different companies in the area of temperature protection on the world market developed and changed, this focus brought about the present technical and qualitative superiority of Thermik's products.

In 1997, Thermik introduced the M1, a new generation of temperature limiting switches manufactured on fully automated production lines and offering a multitude of connection variations. The market response and instant sales success overwhelmingly confirmed the development concept. Another advantage was achieved with the production of the M-switches on tape in comparison to conventional production of single switches. This production method guarantees the very highest quality standards by assuring the uniformity of the switches. In addition, the switches offer cost-effective alternatives to standard products (with wire or leads). They also allow for a wide variety of customized (plug, crimp, welded, solder, shoe) connections to the switch, available single or on tape. This gives the user additional flexibility when seeking temperature limiting switches adapted to their new product designs.

The many possibilities for customer-specific connections deserve special attention. The availability of the M1 series on tape means that the switches can be directly integrated into the customer's production line. Thermik is the only manufacturer world wide offering temperature limiting switches on tape (UM1). The tape dimensions can be adjusted to customers' specifications within tape limits.

As a result of the market response and the increased demand, Thermik decided to follow up the M1 with the types MH and M2. The innovative design of the M-series allows all switches to be manufactured on equivalent production lines despite their differences in function and mechanical design.

The M1 is sensitive to temperature only (not current sensitive as current does not flow over the bimetal), it features a round design and has extremely high mechanical strength.

The MH is an advanced variation of the M1 intended for higher performance. Due to identical production line, the high quality standards of the M1 are also guaranteed with higher power levels.

The M2 provides temperature sensitive thermal protection with an integrated PTC resistor for non-automatic reset (resets only after power-off, in order to comply with higher safety requirements). Its particularly high mechanical strength makes the M2 the first nonautomatic resetting temperature limiting switch that can be integrated into the windings.

All switches of the M-series are more cost-effective than competitors' products while maintaining the high quality standards and materials which Thermik customers have come to expect.

Thermik develops highly efficient systems, which can easily be integrated into your production line.

Readers interested in more detailed information should contact Thermik directly or pay a visit to the Thermik Web site at This highly recommended, multi-lingual site (German, English, French, Italian and Spanish) offers a comprehensive look at a product lineup that includes the modular M-series, several other kinds of Temperature Limiting Switches, PTC thermistors, PTC heating ceramics and Varistors.

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