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December 1997

CIE Thermal Management

Thermik has introduced the M1 range of low cost temperature limiters, available taped and reeled.

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Cooler bgas by up to 20 percent

Aavid has announced the first in a new line of OptiPin heat sinks, designed for ics packaged in a bga, that significantly increases thermal performance and lowers temperature rises (depending on air flow velocity), over conventional bga heat sinks.
Recommended for use with applications using Intel's i960, the 364424B00032, claims Aavid, out-performs a conventional heat sink of equivalent volume by 19 percent. While dissipating 8W, this device provides a thermal resistance of 6.7degC/W at 150 feet/minute airflow. Traditional units operate at 8.1degC/W under the same conditions. This translates into a 11degC difference at 8W.
"Our new family of heat sinks will offer the low-cost, lightweight solution for surface mount applications", said Ray Morris, md Aavid Europe. "OptiPin heat sinks are engineered with cross-cuts that allow air to freely circulate and permit positioning in any direction, while delivering optimum thermal performance", he concluded.
For quick, easy mounting, the 364424B00032 is available with Ther-A-Grip 1070, Aavid's thermally conductive, doublesided attachment tapes. Using 10psi contact pressure during application ensures a strong bond between the heat sink and the bga, especially with Amkor/Anam's SuperBga package. For demanding applications where high mechanical stability is required, Aavid offers other attachment methods including patented Push-Pins, steel clips, and a repairable two-part silicone adhesive, Ther-A-Bond 2000. The OptiPin heat sink comes without pre-applied interface material so that it can be attached either with adhesive or epoxy.

P-pick up a Papst

A wide range of Papst 120mm dc fans is now available from XP, covering fan speeds from 1150 to 3400rpm.
Four series are available encompassing fans of 38, 32 and 25mm deep. Maximum airflow capacities for the dc fans range from 50 to 139m³/h. In all, there are 33 standard dc models in the range with nominal input voltages of 12, 24 or 48Vdc. Four further intelligent dc Variofans are available featuring temperature dependent variable speed control.
All the standard 120mm dc fans can be supplied with a choice of either ball bearings or Papst's Sintec bearing which has a number of advantages. Papst dc fans are CE marked and carry UL, CSA and VDE safety approvals.

TO 218 clip-on heatsinks

For TO 218, miltiwatt, SIP and similar transistors, Fischer Elektronik offers a new type of small heatsink. The new devices feature screwless assembly and easy, direct soldering into the pcb by tacked tinned soldering tags.
The heatsink is clipped onto the transistor and kept in place by a special integral clamping spring. This results in efficient heat transmission. The special geometry and arrangement of the fingers as well as the black anodised surface of the aluminium heatsink ensure an optimum heat radiation in both vertical and horizontal mounting position. Calculated heat resistance is 13K/W.

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