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Thermal Protector CW1

Power class: 1,6 A to 7,5 A
Type series: W1

  • normally closed
  • does not reset automatically
  • with connector cables
  • without insulation
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Thermal Protector CW1
Thermal Protector CW1
Thermal Protector CW1
Thermal Protector CW1

The switchgear of type series W1 is fixed in a positive lock and is self-aligning between the floor of a conductive housing (1) and a PTC cap made from barium titanate (2) which sticks out from a stationary silver contact (6). At the same time, the spring snap-in disc (3) which forms the current transfer element bears the movable contact (4) and discharges the flow of current and self-heating from the bimetallic disc (5). The bimetallic disc (5) is held from this stuck out movable contact (4) without having to be welded or fixed. As such, it can continually work (exposed). When the rated switching temperature is reached, the bimetallic disc (5) snaps into its inverted position and pushes the spring snap-in disc (3) downwards. The contact is abruptly opened and the temperature rise of the device to be protected is disrupted. As a result of the aluminium oxide-based semiconductor connected in series (7) with a defined series resistance, the switchgear his heated externally depending on the operating current and shutdown. In addition, the PTC resistance switched in parallel now sustains the operating voltage and deploys a defined electrical heating output on the bimetallic disc (5) regardless of the ambient temperature and permanently sustains it above its springback temperature so that the switchgear cannot reset back. The contact remains open. The Thermal protectors can only cool down again and switch to the original closed state when the external operating voltage is no longer applied and/or disconnection from the mains. As a result of this design, it is no longer necessary to connect the Thermal protectors to the potential heat source of the device to be protected. Such Thermal protectors are often applied equally effectively at other places in the device to be protected.

Technical specifications

Nominal switching temperature (NST) in 5°C
60 °C - 180 °C
Tolerance (standard)
±5 K
Reverse switch temperature (RST)
≥ 35 °C
≥ 35 °C
(defined reset temperature possible on customer request)
Installation height from
5.1 mm
9.0 mm
Resistance to impregnation
Series resistor for setting the current sensitivity
0.12 Ω - 70.00 Ω
Suitable for installation in protection class
Standard connection
wire with d = 0.5 mm/ AWG22
Operating voltage range AC
from 115 V to 250 V AC
Rated voltage AC
Rated current AC cos ϕ = 1.0 / cycles
2.5 A / 1,000
Rated current AC cos ϕ = 0.6 / cycles
1.6 A / 1,000
Max. switching current AC cos ϕ = 1.0 / cycles
9.0 A / 1,000
self-retaining with heating resistor RH (TB = 80 °C or 150 °C)
down to -20 ° C, freely suspended in still air. During thermal coupling correspondingly higher temperature values​​. PTC heating resistor
Total bounce time
< 1 ms
Contact resistance (according to MIL-STD. R5757)
≤ 50 mΩ
Vibration resistance at 10 ... 60 Hz
100 m/s²


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