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Thermik thermal protectors – 	world market leader

From thermal protectors to thermistors: high-end products for the global market

Thermik specialises in developing and producing bimetal thermal protectors. Our product range also includes PTC thermistors and customised PTC heating elements.

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Thermik- System for temperature limiters
Thermik keeps temperatures under control

Thermal protectors from Thermik are unique because they feature additional spring discs that significantly improve the switching behaviour of bimetal thermal protectors.

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Thermik thermal protectors – leader in innovation and patents
Largest number of patents in the world with innovative ideas

Our passion for technical innovation and high quality has driven us to become the supplier with the largest number of customised thermal protection solutions in the world.

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Product finder: quickly find a customised solution

Are you searching for the perfect thermal protector for your product? Our product finder allows you to quickly and easily find the solution you are looking for.

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Thermik thermal protector product finder on iPad and iphone

Products from Thermik

You can find all innovations from Thermik that are currently offered on the market in our "Product range". Have a look around – our product finder will help you.

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Developer of customised solutions

Thermik has been a prominent developer and reliable innovation partner to renowned brand manufacturers for many years. We rigorously examine and analyse products, processes and the desired application every time we develop a new solution.

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High quality is mandatory for innovation to take place. But we cannot achieve high quality without discipline.

Marcel P. Hofsaess,
President Thermik

From concept to production – everything from a single source

Thermik customers can choose from an extremely wide range of standard solutions. At the same time, we frequently develop customised solutions tailored to special applications.

Thermik – Process chain for our customised solutions Thermik – Process chain for our customised solutions
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A strong partner for customers who insist on high quality

We have been collaborating with many of our customers for many years, which demonstrates how much we prioritise high quality. We were determined from the very beginning to continuously optimise the quality of our products in order to pave the way for more innovations. As a result, we can now proudly call ourselves the world’s leading supplier of high-quality thermal protectors.

About the company

From Germany for the global market

Production and logistics go hand in hand at Thermik. Our four production sites and over 30 contract warehouses ensure that our products are always available.

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Thermik locations and production plants on a world map
Over 3 billionTemperature limiter in worldwide use
Over 900Employees
4 plantsOn 3 continents
20000Production space
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