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Thermik – Global market innovations leader for temperature controllers

Thermik belongs to the 100 most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany, and is the world market leader in the field of temperature protection. Thermik Gerätebau GmbH holds this leading position through consistent further development and innovation, which is reflected in the number of patents applied for worldwide and in its diverse product range.

Pioneering spirit – Innovation as a tradition

Owner and managing director Marcel P. Hofsaess leads the group of companies in second generation and is of central importance for innovative spirit at Thermik. The founder of the company, Peter Hofsaess, registered a total of 192 patents between 1968 and 1992 – an impressive number that his son Marcel P. Hofsaess has far exceeded. As the inventor of temperature limiters for temperature protection, he is by far the number one in the worldwide ranking and holds more patents and industrial property rights than all other competitors on the market for temperature limiters combined. Thermik secures its leading position through strong quality management and extensive investments in research and development. In the think tank for thermal protection, electrical engineers, mechatronics engineers, electronics engineers, designers, toolmakers and mechanical engineers work together on new solutions and improvements to existing systems for all aspects of the temperature limiter.

Innovations at Thermik with Managing Director Marcel P. Hofsaess

Innovative temperature protection

Temperature limiters – also known as temperature controllers, temperature monitors or safety temperature limiters – serve as a protection mechanism against overheating in numerous electrical components and end devices. With the spirit of innovation, the focus is also always on quality, since the optimisation of temperature limiters and thermistors is just as important to Thermik as new developments and customer-oriented special solutions. The market leader uses particularly powerful bimetal switches (with continuously operating bimetal discs) for temperature control, which are characterised by their long service life and improved switching behaviour. Thermik’s omnipresent enthusiasm for technical innovation and quality results in the development of modern and sustainable products that are trusted by renowned customers from a wide variety of industries.

Innovation milestones

Thermik, the innovation and world market leader for temperature limiters, has been successfully setting milestones in the field of temperature protection and temperature monitoring for many decades. The long list of Thermik innovations includes round, flat, pressure-stable, sealed, current-independent, temperature-sensitive, defined current-sensitive, voltage-maintaining and arc-free temperature limiters. In addition to the products mentioned above, Thermik also offers high performance temperature limiters, hybrid temperature limiters and numerous other customer-exclusive solutions that the company develops for special applications.

Largest state-of-the-art product portfolio on the market

Thermik offers a wide range of temperature limiters, PTC motor protection sensors / PTC thermistors and PTC heating elements, and is continuously optimising and expanding its product range. All products for temperature protection (from round to flat, pressure-stable or sealed, current-independent or current-sensitive temperature limiters) are manufactured according to the unique Thermik system and offer highest quality and performance. Due to the reduced mechanical load on the bimetal discs, Thermik products can offer higher working capacity, better long-term stability and precise switching point accuracy. Another advantage of the products is the effective use of space (miniaturization). If a customer does not find a suitable temperature monitor in the range, as the market-leading manufacturer and developer of temperature limiters, Thermik offers customer-specific solutions for temperature protection that meet all individual requirements.

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