Perfection is the goal

Thermik has received and continues to receive awards and recognition. We have not earned this recognition alone. Our customers, who challenge us anew with each contract, have also made an important contribution. Thanks to their continued trust, we have opportunities to grow and go beyond our previous achievements time and again.

Only the highest quality standards and best price-performance ratios allow us to develop solutions that are a large step ahead of state-of-the-art technology.

Entrepreneur of the Year

Germany’s leading auditing company recognises the 75 most efficient SMEs as the “entrepreneurs of the year.”

It only recognises companies that are leaders in their sectors and display a high level of continuity, growth and economic success while maintaining an advantage over their competitors.

TOP 100 Innovation Award 2018

Each year, the one hundred most innovative German SMEs are nominated by leading economists and entrepreneurs. The committee also considers the company’s directors, patents and innovative management in their decision.

However, the basic prerequisite is not only technical market leadership in the industry but also a competitive advantage that is sustained over a period of many years.

Besides Marcel Hofsaess is one of the five most inventive entrepreneurs in Germany. This is his company’s ninth TOP 100 award. Thermik Gerätebau has long been a top player in the industry.

Langenscheidt’s Encyclopaedia of German world market leaders (Lexikon der deutschen Weltmarktführer)

This award is given to ‘the best of the best’ from around 4,000 market segments worldwide. Langenscheidt’s ‘Encyclopaedia of World Market Leaders’ only includes German companies that occupy the leading position in their respective market segment worldwide.

Unconventional thinkers

Companies are recognised as unconventional thinkers for being “exceptional rule-breakers and encouragers – trailblazers who achieve outstanding success with their interdisciplinary thinking and approaches and are willing to leave well-travelled paths and break new ground with passion and courage.”


This prize is regularly awarded to companies whose credit ratings are continually among the top 1.7% of German companies. In 2017 Thermik Gerätebau GmbH received the CrefoZert award again.

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