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PTC-Thermistor SSM

Type series: PTC thermistors

  • with connector cables
  • Mylar®-Nomex®
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PTC-Thermistor SSM
PTC-Thermistor SSM

Where possible, the PTCs are to be inserted parallel to the coil. As a result, when shaping the coil ends, the mechanical stress of the PTCs is minimised. In so doing, the Mylar®-­Nomex® shrink cap is highly suited to this purpose due to its mechanical stability (no cold flow in contrast to Teflon®). In connection with the miniature pill (Ø 1.5 mm) response times of 5 to 10 seconds (max.) are achieved depending on the version.

Thermik thermistors correspond to DIN 44081 and/or 44082, IEC 60034-11-2 and are characterised by high resistance to temperatures. Resistance increases greatly in the range of the rated response temperature. Via a trigger device, this change can be used to shut down the load current circuit. Electronic evaluations in are also possible in different applications.

Technical specifications

Insulation material
Nominal switching temperature (NST)
60 °C - 190 °C
Operating voltage range
2.5 V DC - 24 V DC
max. permissible operating voltage
30V DC
max. recommended sensor voltage
2.5 V DC - 7.5 V DC
High voltage resistance
2.5 kV
4.0 mm
Length of the insulation cap
16.0 mm


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