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TOP 100 book – Thermik as "heated inventors"

The products, which have been perfected by Thermik Gerätebau GmbH, are found around 50 times in every household. We are talking about temperature limiters that automatically switch off electrical appliances such as kettles, hairdryers or coffeemakers before they become dangerously hot. The portfolio ranges from temperature limiters that are only as big as a one-cent piece to those that tolerate particularly high temperature limits. This company is far ahead of its competitors in many respects.

Sometimes a new location is enough to take innovation to new heights. And so Thermik Gerätebau GmbH had a lot to do with their move to the Thuringian province a few years ago: "We have broken up encrusted structures and, above all, have acquired young and highly specialized specialists," explains managing director Marcel Hofsaess. From several camps became one, from cumbersome processes slender. The result speaks for itself: Following the relocation of the headquarters, the number of patent applications has multiplied to more than 1,000 property rights - significantly more than those of competitors. CEO Marcel Hofsaess is thus even among the five most inventive entrepreneurs in Germany, and his company has long been the top dog in the industry.

Experimenting and thinking ahead

With a development department that does a lot of basic research, Thermik is regularly one step ahead of its competitors: "Our devices are delivering ever-increasing performance in ever smaller spaces," explains Hofsaess. Among other things, his team is experimenting with material composition and developing temperature limiters with ever higher performance limits of up to 250 ° C. The average service life of the developments, which at 20 years often exceeds the service life of the products, proves that one always thinks ahead they are installed.


Success secret: trust of the customers

No wonder that Thermik is valued above all as a supplier and partner for individual, innovative solutions for numerous customers. Together with them, new possibilities are developed and tested, and sometimes the limits of feasibility are explored. But not only ingenuity, also safety has the highest priority: "A product is tested 72 times in our manufacturing process," says the managing director. Innovation and reliability are therefore not a contradiction in this company, but a good team for the future.

Top 100 Award 2019 | Thermik Gerätebau
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