Power class: 1.6 A to 7.5 A
Series: W1

  • normally closed
  • does not reset automatically
  • voltage applied
  • defined as current sensitive
  • with connector cables
  • fully cast in a Mylar®-Nomex® insulation cap
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Thermal protectors VW1Thermal protectors VW1

Technical specifications

Nominal switching temperature (NST) in 5 °C 70 °C - 160 °C
Tolerance (standard) ±5 K
Reverse switch temperature (RST) below NST UL ≥ 35 °C
Reverse switch temperature (RST) below NST VDE ≥ 35 °C
Installation height from 5.8 mm
Diameter 9.9 mm
Length of the insulation cap 19.0 mm
Resistance to impregnation suitable
Series resistor for setting the current sensitivity from 0.12 Ω to 70.0 Ω
Suitable for installation in protection class I + II
Standard connectionwire with d = 0.5 mm / AWG22
Operating voltage range ACfrom 100 V to 250 V AC
Rated voltage AC250 V (VDE)
Rated current AC cos ϕ = 1.0/cycles2.5 A / 1,000
Rated current AC cos ϕ = 0.6/cycles1.6 A / 1,000
Max. switching current AC cos ϕ = 1.0/cycles9.0 A / 1,000
High voltage resistance2.0 kV
Total bounce time< 1 ms
Contact resistance (according to MIL-STD. R5757)≤ 50 mΩ
Vibration resistance at 10 ... 60 Hz100 m/s²
self-retaining with heating resistor RH (TB = 80 °C or 150 °C)down to -20 ° C, freely suspended in still air. During thermal coupling correspondingly higher temperature values​​. PTC heating resistor


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