Many of our partners purchase Thermik products directly from stock. Whether it‘s via us or our international agents: it is the customer himself who decides. Similarly, the extent to which the customer wishes to be supported by one of our local representatives, by ourselves or by both, is also his choice.

It is important for us that can experience our customer support and service at any time and at any location you want. Through our agencies – or through us directly – you can get your stock from on-demand warehouses locally in numerous countries:

Bulgaria  Macedonia

Ivo Russev


Mads Hesselbæk Olesen

Finland and Estonia

Philipp Fuss


Gershon Zahor


Zeno Costa


Francesco Vivaldo


Antonio Rodeghiero


Nicola Rodeghiero

  Great Britain   Ireland

  Great Britain   Ireland

Robin Lipington

Netherlands Belgium

Jan Schuttert


Maceij Sitnik


Vladimir Smolyanitski


Peter Augustsson


Franz Schupp


 South Africa

Antony Colyn​​​​​​​

Czech Republic Slovakia

Pavel Hanus


Fatih Bingöl


Hr. Zoltan Ercsey

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